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1102 Harris Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225

360 922 7494

Fresh Ahi,
Good Company

Serving authentic “Hawaiian Style” poke in Bellingham Washington.

We make our poke using both traditional Hawaiian recipes and unique styles depending on the ingredients that are available to us. The selection of styles and fish will vary due to availability. Our ahi is flown directly from Oahu with care to bring the best fish to Bellingham.

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The Fish


Yellowfin - With its distinct red color, firm texture and mild flavor this is the fish of choice for Hawaiian poke lovers


Albacore - From the pacific northwest, this cold water albacore species is pale in color but has a high oil content and soft melt in your mouth texture


Yellow Tail - Imported from Japan, Hamachi has denser texture and is a popular at traditional sushi restaurants

Sockeye Salmon

People in Washington love their salmon! We use wild Alaskan sockeye for our poke. The distinctive bright red flesh is visually stunning as well as delicious

The Classics

Ginger Shoyu

Fresh Ahi tuna, ginger shoyu sauce, onions, green onions, sesame seeds

Limu Kukui

Fresh Ahi tuna, roasted kukui nuts and seaweed

Spicy Mayo

Fresh Ahi, spicy mayo sauce, onions, green onions